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Element Installation Guide

This documentation is for everyone who wants to understand the element installation.

All you need to know

Here you’ll find all the important informations you need to know to install elements. Basically it’s just a click and everything else is done automatically.
For our premium elements, you just have to include your main license. You can read more about that down below.

Element installations

knowall-04Free elements

This is the easiest of all the easy ways to install an element. Just click on Install and let the magic happen.

The single element view shows the current version of the element, as well as a small button to get more details for the element itself. After you have installed a free element, it’ll show a button for deactivating it and a small link for deleting it.

knowall-02Premium Element

A premium element looks slightly different to a free one. For installing it, you need a valid license for it. To read more about licences, click here.

The setup includes the same buttons as the free element, as well as one called license info wich shows you to the relation of this element to it’s products. In other words: An element can be bought through multiple products. Also it provides a button called buy now wich leads you directly to our element page with all the registered products and demos.

Updated on March 2, 2018

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