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Element Licensing

This document provides a quick overview on how to use licenses.

What a license?

For our premium elements and subscriptions, we are providing a special license wich allows us to handle the activation for paid elements much more efficient and also with less stress for you.
In this help file we are showing you what are the different possibilities to use licenses.

The different license models

Master license

We are providing a master license for every user that buys premium elements in our store. This license can be globally used inside of our plugin to install all of your bought elements. In short words: One license, all bought elements.

Single element license

Under the hood of the Master License we are serving a single license to every bought element or subscription. This license gets interesting if you are for example an agency who takes care of the license for a lot of users or you want to use different elements on different websites without giving the administrators the possibility to use all. On how to use it, just read the next section. In short words: You can use a single license to just register a specific element or subscription on your site and keep the rest of your orders private.

How to use a license

It doesn’t matter if you are using a master license or a single license, both are getting installed the same way. For installing a license, you can easily put it into our Popup (wich appears if you are click on install of a premium element), our settings page or at the very first beginning into our wizard.
Settings page license

Updated on March 2, 2018

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