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Plugin Installation Guide

You can install this plugin like all the other ones.


First of all we thought if it makes sense to have a installation guide for a plugin, especially because it is already really simple to use plugins nowadays. But if you really have trouble, you’ll find your answer here 🙂


We support two ways of installing our plugin (at the moment).

Upload the zip file to the WordPress Plugin Uploader

WordPress itself gives you the possibility to install a plugin through the web interface by going to the following site in your backend:
Wordpress Plugin Uploader

You can find this screen via the following url:

… or if you are using a multisite installation:

Include extracted folder to your plugin repository

If you don’t want to use the uploader, you can also include the extracted folder into the plugin directory.
Therefore just extract the zip file, copy the main folder with all it’s files in it to the following WordPress folder:

After you have done this, you can go to your plugin site and activate the plugin there.

Nice to know

  • After the activation you can find a wizard on our page wich helps you to setup the general plugin settings.
  • After the installation you can directly use the plugin. There are no licenses you have to include for free elements.
Updated on March 2, 2018

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